At Trial Runners, we collaborate closely with our clients to fully grasp the objectives of each study and surpass expectations by establishing transparent and efficient communication frameworks. Our extensive experience and adaptability in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets set us apart from other CROs, allowing us to approach studies with a cost-conscious mindset. We operate with the agility and mindset of a pharmaceutical company, enabling us to swiftly adapt to evolving study requirements without any communication hierarchies, bureaucratic processes, or delays. Our team of experts, who have extensive backgrounds in ophthalmology, contract research organizations, and clinical research, bring a deep understanding of our sponsors' needs, having worked in leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our Advantage

  • Top ophthalmology CRO providing clients with access to an
    extensive leadership team
  • Strong enrollment reputation in retina studies
  • Loyalty and commitment clients and excellent reputation
  • Outstanding values and immersive, all-in approach
  • Low CRO turnover rate and continuously trained experts
  • Fast responses to ad-hoc requests and custom projects and budgets

Dedicated Ophthalmology CRO

Unmatched Execution & Adaptability

35+ Years of Clinical Research Experience

Reliable Communications & Expertise

Trusted Client Relationships

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