Medical Writing

Trial Runners offers written materials from protocols to CSRs for accurate and descriptive clinical trial interpretations. Learn more today.

The medical writing experts at Trial Runners have extensive ophthalmology expertise and experience writing materials from protocols to clinical study reports (CSRs) across all phases of clinical research. Every written material produced by our team is overseen with direct engagement from clinical operations management. All documents are produced with the utmost attention to quality and efficiency and make use of industry standard templates when possible.


For clinical study reports, the medical writer works closely with the designated biostatistician and medical monitor along with other team members to produce an accurate and descriptive interpretation of the clinical trial. All aspects of CSR compilation, including interim analysis, appendices, drafts, tables, figures, and listings, are supplied from a single point of contact. Our medical writers begin writing CSRs during the start-up phase of a clinical trial in order to finalize documents soon after statistical analyses are available.

Medical Writing Services


  • Medical writing with an ophthalmology-specific approach
  • Protocol and clinical study report materials
  • Early CSR development for timely delivery
  • Convenient and streamlined CSR elements
  • Industry standard templates

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