Our eTool Dedication

We're dedicated to utilizing the very best tools, not only for ourselves, but for the Sponsors we work with.

Progression and growth will always be two key parts of the Trial Runners mindset. Across the board, we’re dedicated to providing the very best services we possibly can, all while utilizing cost-efficient & innovative tools. We’re always tinkering with and seeking out the latest and greatest tools that can push our Sponsors to the next level. Our uncanny ability to adapt and overcome is one of our proudest traits as a team, and this is made possible by both the tools we use, and the team we’ve assembled.

So when we say an eTool or program will help, we’re confident and willing to show you exactly how it’ll help; we’re extensive testers, and creative experts. We’ll hunt down the latest and greatest, so that you don’t have to.



  • We extensively test everything we use
  • We’re continuously improving our eTool solutions
  • We’re here to push any trial to the next level

Risk Based Monitoring

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Electronic Data Capture

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