eTMF and eREG

The entirety of your trial's data, stored digitally and fully secured. Manage, share, and save all of your data in one centralized area, accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

At Trial Runners, we understand the need for accessibility, especially when it comes to your Trial Master File (TMF) and Regulatory Binders. Having your files, documents, and data in one electronic and central location allows for easier review and proofing, and ensures trial continuity. Remote access confirms everyone involved in your trial has access to relevant files when needed via an efficient and secure medium. Both of these tools feature easy-import functions which leads to seamless data changes, updates, and additions.

Using this tool and many others, we’re ready to modernize your clinical trial.


eTMF and eReg


  • Allows continued verification of GCP compliance
  • Allows remote access, from anywhere
  • Real time review and reconciliation capabilities
  • Reduces need for on-site visits, especially helpful during times of social-distancing
  • Has audit-ready systems


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