Trial Runners Attends 7th Annual Glaucoma 360 Event

Just a couple of weeks ago, we sent a few members of our team to Glaucoma 360, an annual event that is hosted by the Glaucoma Research Foundation. This year’s event was the best yet, and our team had a blast soaking up some Vitamin D in San Francisco, leaving the harsh North Dakota Winter behind for a few days.

Kelsey McDonald, our Clinical Development Ambassador, has been to the event several years now. Sitting down with her to discuss her experience at the event, it was clear a few events really stuck out. One of those events was a presentation on Virtual Reality. The advancement in VR is helping to make major strides in glaucoma research and treatment – which is great for patients because it eliminates surgery and constant eye drops to control it.

Patrick Healy, our Chief Development Officer, was also in attendance at this year’s event and makes it a point to attend the event every year. He says, “I love attending Glaucoma 360 every year since it is an event where you can learn about new advances in research, catch up with peers, and raise money for the Glaucoma Research Foundation.”

Photo of our team at Glaucoma 360

Both Patrick and Kelsey really felt inspired by the annual gala held in conjunction to the event. At this year’s gala, $290,000 was raised for funding a Catalyst for a Cure, which is a unique approach to research in order to accelerate the pace of discovery towards a cure for glaucoma. The night’s goal was set for $100,000, but via a live auctions and donations made throughout the night, the Foundation was able to almost triple their goal. Trial Runners donated $1000 plus attending expenses to this amazing cause at the gala as well.

This year’s catalyst award winner was Thomas Burns. With his company, he helped develop the first MIGS device, and has made other glaucoma research advancements over the past eleven years.

When asked to wrap up her major takeaway from the event, Kelsey said, “Even though glaucoma therapy has come a long way over the years, there are still many hurdles to jump to end the disease, but with the dedication of everyone in the industry, a cure is in sight.”

This year’s event was one for the books, and we are so glad that our team was able to both attend and share their experiences with us upon their return. We’re already counting down the days until next year’s event!