Keep Time On Your Side

Revised and Updated by Seth Preston on: September 26, 2019

Deadline. The word alone can stir up some seriously negative feelings – anticipation, frustration, anxiety, even dread – all of these feelings embodied in the connotation of a single word. Unfortunately, deadlines are a necessary evil, both in the business world and in our personal lives. There is a way to shift our thinking, however- we can move our focus away from the perspective of the looming deadline, and instead focus on creating results through measurable, achievable timelines.

Establishing Timelines

Timelines are a proven tool for a team to accomplish a goal within a decided window. To implement an effective tool, one must know how to wield it. Within the confines of a hard deadline, planning is a preferred process to get a timeline started. An effective company will always go into a project with a plan. Outlines can be established and plans can be made to ensure company success before a deadline is presented.

Manage That Time

Working within a deadline can be shifted into a positive experience, especially in the face of a huge corpus of work. What an employee will do with that time is important to whatever line of planning they plan to pursue. Too often an individual will get the time, realize they have a lot of time to get a task done, only to eventually feel the pressure of the terrible time crunch.

Time management

Avoid the Decline

There will come a day when prospects look down, employee morale is taking a dive, and the respective departments are hemorrhaging money with no sign of an upswing in sight. Proactive time management can help alleviate those problems. What can the company do during the down times to ensure efficiency in all aspects of the business? Constant communication and planning can put uncertain employees on a proper path, all the while maintaining avoidance of a business decline period.

Time is a constant in this world. It’s one of the many things we cannot control on a broad scale. We can, however, control what we do with that time.