Introducing Orphanos: A Trial Runners CRO!

As a premier ophthalmology CRO, our expertise does not fall short on just the field of ocular indications. Some afflictions of the eye constitute as a rare disease such as Friedrich’s Ataxia and Alport Syndrome. Trial Runners has expanded its services to help the rare disease and orphan drug industry to bring comfort and hope to patients suffering from a rare indication. Trial Runners is proud to present that company:

Orphanos logo

Orphanos evolved from Trial Runners, a specialized ophthalmology CRO with 11 years of clinical trial experience. Trial Runners mastered rare disease by first working on orphan drug therapies for rare ophthalmic disease indications. Our track record of success led to repeat business with clients expanding their development programs outside of ophthalmology and into other rare disease indications, establishing a foundation for Orphanos.

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