International Dog Day- OphthPAWmology

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In honor of International Dog Day (August 26th), Trial Runners wanted to honor our employees’ little helpers. Take a walk alongside us as we kick off this celebration with our dog blog!

Yes, this is seriously just a blog with dog photos. Ophthpawmology if you will.



Owner: Jason Hunt

“This is Kota, my brown and blue eyed Husky. He love snacks, walks, playing in the water, and his new baby brother Tristan!”




Owner: Monique Minzel

“This is my sassy English bulldog, Nala. We call her Nala Bear. She’s 4 and all she does is eat, sleep and be adorable!”



Owner: Alycia Alves

“This is my German Shepherd Gunnar, he loves to play fetch!”




Owner: Sush Bobba

“This is me and my little one with Bouncer.”




Owner: Emily Murphy

“This is Bowie – named after David Bowie for her fierce red hair and love of the song “Starman” off of the famed “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” album. She’s a rescue Pyrenees/Border Collie mix and she’s pretty well known for joining me on WebEx calls uninvited.”



Owner: Kylee Svendsen

“This is my dog Rascal (we call him “feets” as he loves feet). He doesn’t play fetch unless it’s with his hedgehog. He is 7.5 years old and sleeps like it, but plays like a puppy (only for a little bit before he gets too tired and needs to sleep some more). He acts tough but really is a big chicken.”


Owner: Sara Custard

“Here is Cooper. He is a mixture of cocker spaniel and cavalier. He is 2 years old and loves to snuggle and play fetch.”



Owner: Imelda Brudvik

“I am proud to share our FIRST dog ever in our family. His name is OREO! 😊 Oreo is 6 months old and he’s half lab. He brings joy to our family. He loves cuddling and playing with the kids. He is a character, and full of drama!”




Owner: Patience Biesiot

“Here are pics of my two pups…Penny, (my 6-year old daughter loves the Beatles), and Bella.  Everyone at the Dickinson office knows Penny, she loves to get snuggles and to drop her Great Pyrenees glitter (hair) everywhere.  Bella is a little less friendly so she doesn’t join me in the office, but she enjoys food and anything food related, we call her “Chunk” at home!”



Owner: Seth Preston

“This is Leo, before and after his haircut.

He’s 1.5 years old, and half Australian shepherd, half golden retriever.

Leo loves going for walks, playing at the dog park, and sticking his head out of my sunroof on drives.”



Owner: Kelsey McDonald

“Here is Watson! He is a 2 year old chocolate lab who is happiest when in the water, playing fetch, or cuddling with his favorite stuffed animal “Elfie” (blue elephant in the picture).”



Owner: Holly Green

“My dogs Mr. Tibbs (a 9 year old miniature wire haired dachshund) on the right and Trent (a rescue that we think is about 4 years old – we think part terrier, part devil).  They are great helpers in the office and they protect me from the UPS man very effectively.  Every week, as I am packing my suitcase, they jump inside of it. That’s why I am always covered in dog fur. 😊”



Owner: Cameron Marshall

“This is Gordie, he’s a 3 year old Corgi and he’s an absolute menace. This was actually perfect timing as I just picked him up from the groomer a few minutes ago!”



Owner: Danyel Carr

“Attached is a picture of “Bitsy”, our senior citizen rescue Yorkie that my mom bought my son as a surprise present. And yes, it was even a surprise to the homeowners who had to adjust! 😲 Unfortunately, Bitsy has since passed on to doggy heaven due to natural causes.”



Owner: Jennifer Sheppard

“This is Grant James Sheppard (AKA: Nugget, Bubba or Chicken), his momma’s doing😊. He’ll be 2 years old on 11/2 and we rescued him from the Fort Worth Humane Society on 1/3/18 after being there for <24 hours. My daughter’s birthday is Christmas Eve so he was her long awaited 14th Birthday/Christmas gift. She has some anxiety and essential tremor issues so he’s truly her emotional support animal (certification pending).  She was in Mexico from 8/5-8/12 on a Youth Missions Trip and we moved apartments while she was away. Needless to say, as reflected in the pre/post move pics, he needed some emotional support of his own with all the changes he’s been through the last few weeks. He loves extended belly rubs/scratches, car rides, the dog park and doing zoomies all over my house! The vet says he’s a terrier mix.”



Owner: LeAnne Berry

Remmi! AKA Remmitini, Remmalicious, Rembo also known as the “OG”  or “Original G”


Bentley! AKA Bensters, Pooky-doo


LillyBet! AKA Lillsters, Liiiiiiiiiillybet

Piper! AKA Pipsters, Pippy, Wesley Pipes


Luna! AKA Luna Tuna, Honey Badger, Sloth Monster




Owner: Bennett Maxwell 

“These are my dogs HenryManny and Gizmo. Henry is 3 (barking at me below) and Manny is 7 in this photo. The last photo is Gizmo he’s 9 and keeps them both in line!”