Happy Thanksgiving!

Assortment of Thanksgiving foods

Even though we’re a tad early, we wanted to wish readers a happy Thanksgiving before the holiday gets into full-swing. No matter if you’re staying in, traveling, or watching football — we hope you enjoy your time.

Happy Thanksgiving from the TR family, to yours!

Here’s a few employee insights for the month of November and Thanksgiving:

TR employees ranked their family’s Thanksgiving cooking at an average of 4.8/5 stars.

Star rating of 4.8/5


When asked about Thanksgiving plans, TR employees responded with these results:

  • 46% are traveling
  • 31% have others traveling to them
  • 23% are staying in

Thanksgiving plans poll


When asked about football preference, TR employees prefer professional football!

  • 54% prefer professional
  • 46% prefer college

College football vs. Professional football poll


When asked if they take part in Black Friday:

  • 23% of employees said yes.
  • 15% said no.
  • 62% said sometimes.

Black friday poll


When asked if they’re ready for cooler weather, TR employees replied:

  • 36% said yes
  • 46% are indifferent
  • 18% said no

Cooler weather poll


Keep an eye out for more fun statistics about our employees.

One last time:

Happy Thanksgiving!