Happy Holidays from Trial Runners!

Being short, sweet, and to the point: we genuinely hope everyone has a safe, lovely holiday season. Whether staying in, visiting family, or whatever– enjoy your time!

Being the ophthalmology-nerds we are, we also wanted to note the importance of eye-safety during the month. With so much going on, it’s pretty easy to end up with an unwanted injury to yourself or someone around you. While I personally have sworn-off the “you’ll poke your eye out!” dialogue, we truly do hope that readers remain aware of their surroundings.

For a lot of us, we’ll encounter:

  • More people in our homes than normal
  • Someone else’s home
  • Decorations that aren’t up year-round

And so much more that simply isn’t normal during other times of the year.

Of course, someone having Christmas lights up isn’t exactly a death-wish by any means– but point is, things are just different.

Truth is, accidents are rarely expected. But taking that extra precaution, or that extra step in the process, can make all the difference.


Wrap up 2019 how you want. Make this time of year fun, relaxing, upbeat, quiet, noisy, whatever you desire.

Here’s to a great 2020 and beyond!