Clinical Collaborators: A Trusted CRO and Their Integrated Experts

Revised and Updated by Seth Preston on: September 26, 2019

Business Development (BD) and Marketing often get lumped into the same category, but are expected to accomplish different, yet related, tasks. One would even jump to the conclusion that BD and Marketing work separately, but operate toward the same goal. What if those capabilities can be combined for an effective Business Strategy?

In the field of Clinical Trials, BD and Marketing are integrated, and often rely on each other to push their company forward. The graphic above, courtesy of ASM Solutions, reflects this sentiment very well.

A trusted Contract Research Organization (CRO) like Trial Runners is driven by project management, clinical data management, and pharmacovigilance. To utilize this expertise, the business office must work together to communicate said expertise. How do we do that?


Work Together

In the vein of collaboration, the separate entities of your business must work together to achieve a common goal.  Integration is a term reserved for bringing groups together, and the collaboration of BD and Marketing is certainly not an exception to the term.

Sell Your Skills

Capabilities are paramount to letting a client know what you are offering to their business. Putting together a comprehensive snapshot of what your company can do is an effective marketing tool. This can be achieved by collaboratively utilizing BD and Marketing to build either a capability slide deck or infographic that summarizes the company’s skills and experience.

Craft a Pedigree

What does it mean to work for your CRO? Employees can certainly say why they are working for a CRO, but can they openly say what that means to them? The Business front of your CRO can put together a branding strategy to ensure that the people that work for you have a sense of belonging and pride to be a part of the company. Ask any Trial Runners employee- we’re proud of our Ophthalmology focus, and it means the world to us.



Image Credit: ASM Solutions