January: Glaucoma Awareness Month

In the month of January, we honor the awareness and study of a debilitating affliction to the eye. Glaucoma affects a myriad of people across the globe. The growing susceptibility of this debilitating disease is cause for concern in the field of ophthalmology. Glaucoma earned the moniker of “the sneak thief of sight” because the symptoms from the patient’s perspective is nigh impossible to ascertain unless the individual sees their eye doctor regularly.

Eye Health

Wednesday January 8, 2020

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Great News: Twitter now lets you add alt text to photos.

Twitter is taking a step toward making its service more accessible to visually impaired users. In an announcement titled “Accessible images for everyone,” Twitter has begun to roll out a new feature for the visually impaired: the option to add in descriptions of photos uploaded on the platform.


Wednesday March 30, 2016

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