How to Become a Regional CRA

Opportunities for entry-level monitors (the term we use for regional CRAs) can be few and far between. When they do open, the competition is fierce. What can you do to expedite your career in monitoring?

Here, we’ll share industry secrets for breaking in at ground level.


Thursday August 4, 2016

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Great Leaders, Great Communicators: 5 tips for good communication.

A leader should have many qualities; arguably the most important quality being great a communicator. Communication goes well beyond just speaking- it involves listening, great feedback, knowledge, and delivery. Great leaders are first-rate communicators. Their teams admire them and follow their lead. Likewise, if you want your company to reach new benchmarks of achievement, you must master the art of clear communication. So, how do you do it?

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Thursday April 7, 2016

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