The Best Convention Survival Guide: Tips from a CRO Marketing Team.

Revised and Updated by Seth Preston on: September 26, 2019

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In the field of ophthalmology, convention season is a huge part of marketing outreach and company networking. If you or a fellow associate attends a lot of conventions for networking, it’s important to be thorough, decisive, and personable. With conventions, those criteria are difficult to maintain with a busy schedule. Trial Runners has been in convention mode for the past couple of weeks and through the days we have compiled a short list of pro-tips for conventions. Next time you’re headed to a convention, consider a few of our tips!

Make a Plan

Conventions always have an hour to hour itinerary to ensure the convenience of the attendee. Before arriving, make a plan to see what sessions you will be going to. This will allow for better time management within the limited window you have. Make sure you book a hotel with close or manageable adjacency to the convention center, or book early to get into the convention hotel (if available).

Eat Healthy

There will be plenty of opportunities for you and your group to indulge in local cuisine, but during business hours, it’s important to maintain energy. Pack extra snacks and a water bottle (or two!) to make up for lack of food options at the convention. Some conventions cater, some have an overpriced concessions filled with unhealthy foods. Make sure you are prepared for any culinary situation!

Take Advantage of Sleep and Downtime

Fatigue will rear its ugly head eventually and management of the state will save your successful convention visit. If presented with an opportunity to go walk around and explore or put your feet up, consider the latter. Your body will tell you how tired it is the moment your head hits the pillow, especially when you are traveling.

Arrange Transport

Planning ahead allows you to piece-together arrival/departure plans. Does the airport provide a shuttle service? Does the hotel provide a cab service? Do you need to utilize a subway station? Do you need to rent a car? This portion of the planning process for your convention will take arguably the most time- but it can be incredibly important.

Manage/Avoid Stress

Proper time management, planning, and following a smart diet will alleviate potential avenues for stress on the road. Plans change, people don’t show up, or weather decides to present itself. The number one tip we have is to stay positive, and maintain the mantra that things could always be worse.

Best of luck with convention season!