The Perks and Benefits at Trial Runners

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We here at Trial Runners closed out 2019 and entered into 2020 with some promising news for both employees and job seekers within the clinical research industry: “We plan to keep our workplace at the front of the pack in terms of great places to work and that begins with the addition of several key benefits” said co-founder Patrick Healy. “We not only want to be a great CRO to partner with, we want to be the very best CRO to work for.”

Now, midway through 2020, we provide an impressive array of perks to current employees and job seekers within clinical research.
Several of these were added within the past 6 months:

Competitive Salaries

Many companies may claim this, but every 1-2 years Trial Runners’ HR department sets out to evaluate industry salaries within the current market. Not only does this lead to better wages for job seekers, the data that’s compiled is also utilized for internal raises and promotions, to keep salaries competitive with outside opportunities employees may be tempted to consider.

Tuition Reimbursement

For those employees desiring to further their education, after 1 year of employment, they are then eligible for education assistance of

50%, up to $5,000 per year.

Remote & In-Office Work Opportunities

For those who prefer the home office life, we offer a plethora of work from home positions, where individuals are provided a generous IT package of up-to-date office equipment and a monthly internet stipend.  If you enjoy seeing your coworkers, don’t worry, multiple company events throughout the year provide ample opportunities to connect with fellow teammates in person, and staff utilize new technology systems internally on a daily basis, to engage face-to-face with co-workers via video for both one-on-one conversations and group and team meetings.

For more traditional workers, the Trial Runners headquarters office offers an in-office setting based out of Dickinson, ND. Located minutes away from Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Dickinson is a lively city with a population of approximately 23,000 people. Many amenities can be found in this college town, including a renowned community recreation and wellness center, an expedition league baseball team, new and historic architecture, ample community events, and many other perks.

Flexible Work Schedules

For the majority of positions within the company, flexible work schedules are a widely utilized and valued benefit. With the respective supervisor approval, employees can begin their workday anywhere between 7am-9am, and end their day between 4pm-6pm as long as their required hours are put in. This gives employees the ability to work around childcare needs, appointments, or other personal demands.

And during the summer months of June through August another new perk known as Flexible Fridays has been added to this line-up of outstanding benefits. Flexible Fridays allow staff the ability to shift into “on-call” status every other Friday, beginning at 1pm throughout the summer, to give staff a jump start on their weekends with friends and families while the weather is nice. This perk originally started as an employee idea, that came through the company suggestion box, and was implemented within weeks!

Generous Leave Time

Annually, employees at Trial Runners receive 5 weeks total of paid time off to allow for and promote healthy work-life balances. This includes Vacation, Personal, and 10 paid holidays – one of which is your Birthday Holiday!

Life Insurance Policy

At no cost to the employee, full-time workers receive a Life Insurance Policy for $100,000 lasting the length of their tenure.

Optional Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Opportunities for saving money can’t be overlooked: Trial Runners allows employees to allocate tax-free dollars into an account that can be used for various medical, vision, dental, and childcare expenses.

401k featuring a 3% annual contribution by Trial Runners

Yeah, you read that right: Trial Runners contributes 3% of your yearly pay into your 401k on a yearly basis. This is separate from what employees invest on their own… free money!

GREAT Insurance

Alongside providing a Platinum level, low-deductible insurance, Trial Runners also covers 100% of premiums for both the employee and family – and that includes Health, Dental, and Vision!

Dog Friendly Workspace

For those who choose to work in-office at the Dickinson HQ, each Friday is bring your dog to work day! The Trial Runners office has plenty of treats, dog beds, and toys for everyone’s pups.


While this list isn’t exhaustive, we also want to note that it’s far from “done” in our eyes. In reality, it’s just the start of creating an unbeatable workspace: “We’re on a mission to continue creating a great workplace, where everyone feels at-home and engaged.” said co-founder Patrick Healy. “It’s important for our employees to feel appreciated, and generous benefits are one of the ways we give back to our teams.”

Interested in working within the rewarding field of clinical research? Trial Runners is hiring! Visit the Trial Runners website, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook!