Achieving Work/Life Balance

Revised and Updated by Seth Preston on: September 26, 2019

In the 2011 Better Life Index from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United States ranked last for work-life balance out of 23 countries. This is disheartening because work-life balance (whether good or bad) directly contributes to employee satisfaction. This, in turn, directly contributes to employee productivity and attitude with peers, clients, and vendors. In short, the work-life balance of an organizations employees directly affects the company’s brand and bottom line.


What is Trial Runners doing to fight the downward curve and encourage a healthy work-life balance among employees?

We’re taking great strides to promote happy employees who have time to do what they love:

  • A monthly potluck encourages employees to come together, establish meaningful friendships, and take time to rest during the work day
  • “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” on Fridays – which has expanded to include less traditional pets – brings the comfort of home to work
  • Fresh baked cookies every time it rains or snows encourages a moment of refreshment and recharging among a busy work day
  • Ample vacation and personal time policies urge employees to spend time doing what they love, disconnected from their responsibilities at work
  • Organizational commitment to community development and good causes encourages and empowers employees to do the same, which increases personal satisfaction and sense of well-being
  • Motivation to get and stay fit and healthy is offered through employee benefits to encourage personal health, wellness, and goal-setting

As Trial Runners continues to grow its workforce at record speed, they continue to seek unique and meaningful ways to encourage work-life balance and show appreciation and support to high achievers.

We are currently expanding our team! If you’re interested in joining our fast-paced, happy team, take a look at our open positions and fill out an online application today.