International Clinical Trials Day – A Letter of Gratitude

International Clinical Trials Day Banner - 2020

Today (May 20th), Trial Runners is celebrating International Clinical Trials Day!

We, alongside many others, love what we do within the world of clinical trials. Year after year we’re overtaken with gratitude for such a great industry that’s teeming with brilliant minds.

What we as an industry accomplish is made possible by the individuals that make up each organization.  Thanks to this ecosystem of great organizations, modern day clinical research has accomplished incredible life-saving feats. We’ve certainly come a long way since the first scurvy trial.

Today, we mainly wanted to note our thankfulness—to Sponsors, Vendors, Clinical Trial Participants, and everyone in our industry. We’re extremely lucky to work alongside some very talented individuals that have the same goals and aspirations in mind.

For those not in the industry, consider ways you can contribute to clinical research; volunteering for studies can be rewarding across many different mediums, and the vastly important part played by volunteers can shape the future of medicine and public health. For those considering joining the clinical research world from an occupational standpoint, we urge you to do so. Few other industries allow such a great investment into the future of others while directly benefiting those around you.

As the entire industry—and world—continues forward during these uncertain times, we hope that today’s celebration of clinical trials is a moment for everyone to pause and appreciate the foundation laid for us, and look forward to the road ahead.

We’re wishing everyone safety and well-being,

Trial Runners