5 Tips to Increase Office Morale

Revised and Updated by Seth Preston on: September 27, 2019

As a leader in your company, morale is high on the list for maintaining a healthy work environment. Success is indefinitely linked to how your employees feel about their job. What are some ideas that can improve your work place from the employee’s perspective?

1. Talk to Each Other

Encouraging communication between employees can significantly increase workplace morale. When your workforce feels comfortable discussing things internally (both work related and not), it can do wonders for your team. So speak up! Ask your colleagues and employees how their families are. Ask about the vehicle they’ve been working on. The possibilities are infinite!

2. Encourage Breaks

It’s equally important for your work force to take advantage of their daily breaks. If your company works primarily sitting down, this is even more important. Encourage your employees to take their eyes off of screens so they don’t lose productivity, or morale! Nobody wants to feel glued to a desk or computer.

3. Plan Activities

Give your employees an event to look forward to! Schedule a team building exercise that encourages bonding and teamwork. Make sure it’s a fun event that entertains all; always take into account your employee’s aptitude. Work with a group that loves mountain biking? Try to schedule a monthly ride amongst coworkers and friends. Make sure to be enthusiastic, but never force attendance.

4. Reach Out

Sponsor an event in the community that helps an organization. Have a group of animal lovers? Consider dedicating an event to your local animal shelter, and give back to your community. This reflects positively toward your company on multiple fronts, while also engaging the community and coworkers.

5. Support Your Staff

Great benefits and perks will always attract a potential employee, but what can keep them there? Take care of your staff and make sure their needs are met. You cannot make every single worker happy 100% of the time, but you can listen and continue a relationship with your employee via communication.