Why Trial Runners?

Trial Runners unique communication style involves working with clients every step of the way and removing typical communicational hierarchies in order to meet the demands of our clients. We believe that a successful trial is based on a clear understanding of the objectives and an honest and well established relationship between Sponsor and CRO.  Our flexibility and experience in the pharmaceutical market, while always maintaining a cost-conscious approach, differentiates us from other CROs. We think and function like a pharmaceutical company, which translates directly into the ability to respond to the changing requirements of the study without time-consuming CRO bureaucracy and delayed deliverables. Prior to joining Trial Runners, the core personnel has had extensive experience with CROs while working within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, so we know exactly what our clients want from us.

Our biggest differentiator is our PEOPLE:

  • On the Cutting Edge – We value our staff and provide up to date training to ensure expertise, strategic planning, and execution on each project
  • “All Hands on Deck Approach” – Different allocations are needed at different times for a project. Our staff is available to handle any ad hoc requests (e.g. data review, data locking, extra monitoring visits) and changing objectives quickly and efficiently.
  • Commitment – When you hire Trial Runners, you hire the entire company. Our turnover rate is extremely low compared to other CROs.
  • Thinking like a Pharmaceutical Company – From its inception, each project and budget is specifically developed for our clients.
  • Pricing – our confidence lies in understanding the needs of each of our clients. We commit to our budgets and never submit out of scope payment requests, unless the sample size changes or additional countries are added. Guaranteed.
  • Active Communication – the success of a project lies in the ability to communicate. The executive team is available 24 hours a day at no extra cost to speak with clients should they have any concerns. We encourage our clients to communicate any issues with us immediately.
  • Trustworthy – Our clients repeatedly tell us how much they trust us. One client even told us, “The difference with you guys is that you actually care.” We receive this kind of feedback because we knew what would make a great CRO when we launched Trial Runners. We knew from our own experience that pharmaceutical and biotech companies need a CRO who is extremely responsive, trustworthy and can execute a program with a set budget.