We are a company that has a reputation for solid clinical trial management execution.  In a recent survey taken by our clinical sites, 100% said they would work with Trial Runners again and 100% said they would recommend Trial Runners.

Here is a listing of our service offerings:

•Clinical Development and Strategy Consulting
•Project Management
•Regional Monitoring
•Data Management
•Safety and Pharmacovigilance
•Medical Writing
•Quality Assurance

The TR Way

Clinical projects involve a myriad of details to consider, and without a clear plan it is easy to get bogged down in the details and lose track of what is important. That is why we developed the TR Way. The TR Way is comprised of three steps that are critically important to project success:

1. Always have the right staff for each project trained and ready to perform
2. Maintain a high level of communication throughout.  We’re always available for you!
3. Adaptability for the project

Adaptive Operations

Communication and reporting frequency can change during the trial at the request of the sponsor. Contingency plans and proactive steps are taken to minimize unforeseeable delays in recruitment, site initiations, monitoring visits and quality issues. Data collection can produce trends or results that should be given proper attention prior to the end of the study.

You benefit from the TR Way

Trial Runners has developed a strategic approach to clinical research that maintains the focus of the program so that it stays within budget, on time, and is ethically sound.

We always start a project with a well detailed plan in place.  In fact, we won’t move forward without one. Ever.

Starting with the end in mind ensures that your project stays on track, within budget, and the end results are never compromised.  A refreshing alternative to the all too common “this is what we did before” approach in the industry.